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Cats Cats Cats – We Love Cats At Yarra Valley Pet Resort Healesville

Cats Cats Cats – We love cats at Yarra Valley Pet Resort Healesville

We are always surprised when on occasions a new client checks in their dog and tells us they just dropped their cat off on the way to a cattery!  When we were called Badger Creek Boarding Kennels & Cattery clients would often receommened us to friends and they would refer to us as ” Badger Creek Kennels” and miss off the cattery part!  Well, we have always loved taking care of cats at the resort and we have a lovely cute miners cottage all decked out with cozy corners, sunny windows, scratching poles, soft chairs and comfy bedding to suit the most discerning felines.

We can cater for cats of all ages and dietary requirements, we can administer medication, give extra brushes and cuddles and best of all your cat gets time to roam the cattery every day and find one of those comfy spots in a sunny window.

We welcome new clients to come and inspect the cattery (between 11-3pm if possible, due to staff availability during the busy morning and afternoon feeding routines).  Come and say hello and we will show you what we can offer your cat whilst they enjoy a stay with us.  The cattery has split system heating and cooling so your cat can enjoy a constant temperature all year round and for the adventurous felines, we have our outdoor enclosed verandah which cats can spend some time on to enjoy some rabbit and bird watching.

Find out more about our wonderful cattery here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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