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    Cattery Services in Melbourne

    Cattery in Melbourne

    Your cat is your pet, and important to you. When you go on holiday, attend a conference or have a busy day, don’t leave your cat to wander the house alone. Rely on the cattery at Yarra Valley Cat Resort, where we provide a comfortable place for cats in Melbourne.

    Benefits of Yarra Valley Cat Resort

    We are a family-operated, award-winning resort for pets, where we are dedicated to the care and comfort of your animal companion. Our staff are always friendly, compassionate and happy to treat your pet like they’re part of our family. For more than 15 years, we have looked after cats, which means you can trust yours to us.

    Our cattery services offer the following benefits:

    • Multi-level pens accessed via ramps and steps that are ideal for older cats.
    • Cats from the same family can be housed together or separately if they prefer.
    • During the winter, our feline guests are kept warm and comfortable in our heated cattery and during the hot summer months, our feline guests are kept happy in our air-conditioned cattery.
    • Lovely views over our gardens, which are a bird lovers paradise.
    • Comfy padded mattress and hand crocheted rugs in their sleeping box.

    Play Time, Food & Vaccinations

    • Play time is offered every day in the central area of our cattery where your cat can use the scratching poles, play with toys or just snooze quietly in the corner on a comfy chair.
    • We have a lovely sunny outdoor, fully enclosed verandah, which is a favourite with out cat guests who are used to some outdoor time at home.
    • At our cat resort, we offer lots of affection, cuddles and one-on-one chats.
      Our feline guests are offered a range of different dry foods, as well as an extensive range of wet foods, including Whiskas Fancy Feast, Gourmet Delite, Dine, Fussy Cat, etc. Just let us know your cats favourite!
    • We can accommodate fussy eaters, special dietary requirements and cats that require medications.
    • We require evidence of F3 vaccination or better within the last 12 months before admission to the cattery.

    FYI: We are unable to cater for male cats at our cat resort if they are not desexed.

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