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Doggie Day Care Yarra Valley Healesville Sanctuary

With an array of local tourist attractions on our door step, why not spend the day enjoying what the Yarra Valley has to offer and leave your dog with us for the day.

We love nothing more than taking care of the fur kids whilst their owners have a day out or while they are are at work.

Dog day care is not only a fun experience for your dog but it can also help with separation anxiety and dog & puppy socialisation (pups from 16 weeks are more than welcome as long as they have had their last puppy C5 vaccination).

Some benefits include:

  • Our experienced staff are here to supervise your dog with dog to dog play while socialising in one of our 20+ exercise yards.
  • Your dog may be bored at home and with that boredom they may start to show some destructive behaviour and excessive barking.   At doggie day care we will provide plenty of stimulation to keep your dogs’ mind and body engaged. With this extra stimulation from the days activity your dog will usually sleep well when they return home from their visit with us.
  • We provide lots of human interaction, plenty of opportunities for pats, chats and cuddles while your dog is in our care.  This is also a great way to help expose your dog to new people in new situations, another great part of healthy socialisation.

These are just some of the benefits of doggie day care.  We think you will see by the photos below that our day care guests have a great time and many of them visit us weekly or even a few times each week on a regular basis.

Add a nature walk to their visit and they can enjoy a swim in our dam whilst walking around our beautiful Yarra Valley property.

Make sure you grab a Day Care Rewards card at reception or download our app (IOS App Store or Google Play Store) to use the digital version and your dog will receive a FREE nature walk on their 5th Day Care visit and get their 11th Day Care visit FREE too!

Contact us to find out more or click here to see what else we can offer while your dog visits Yarra Valley Pet Resort.

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