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    What is the earliest I can drop off my pet?

    You can pick up and drop off your pet between hours 9.00am – 12.00pm & 1.00pm – 5.00pm, 7 days a week. We strongly recommend you drop off your pets before 2.00 pm, which allows them to settle in for the night.

    Always ask our admin staff if you’d like to drop off your pet prior to 9:00 am.

    Is there someone who lives on site?

    We have an onsite care taker.

    What happens if my plane home is delayed, will you keep my pet longer?

    Yes! We will be able to keep your pet while you make your way home. If you can try and contact us to keep us informed of your ETA that makes things a little easier. But things happen. This is why it is important to provide and emergency contact person in Australia so we can contact if your pet is not collected on time.

    What do you recommend for first timers to help them adjust/settle?

    We supply soft comfy bedding and plenty of stimulation and attention to your pets whilst in our care. Often just a small item of clothing that belongs to their human parents will help them settle, unwashed so it has your scent, or even a pillowcase off your bed! How many times have you caught your dog sleeping on your cloths when you are in the shower? It soothes them. A favourite toy is also a great idea or a small blanket off their bed at home. Please don’t send anything that you may not want destroyed, as dogs will be dogs!

    We also recommend a day care visit and an overnight stay prior to any long stays to help new comers with settling in.

    Can my pets share a room?

    Yes. We have large double or triple rooms available for your pets to stay together, we cannot let your cat stay with your dog unfortunately, but we can arrange visits!

    Do you provide a pick up and drop off service (Pet Taxi)?

    Yes, we do provide a pick up and drop off service.

    Do you offer inspections?

    Yes! Only by appointment. 
    Inspections are held between 11:00 am until 2:00 pm and preferably during the week.
    We do not offer inspections on public holidays or any peak periods (Easter, Christmas).

    Please note: We do not permit you bring your pet to the inspection as it causes stress for them. We do not accept walk in bookings for inspections.
    You may have to wait for your inspection due to other customers dropping off/picking up their pet. Please allow for wait time.


    Can I bring my pets own food?

    Yes. You can provide your dog’s regular food. Dry food needs to be in an airtight container. Raw meat needs to be portioned, one portion per day (for long stays we can freeze meat portions for freshness). Please label with dog’s/cat’s name.

    How much playtime does my dog get while boarding?

    Every dog enjoys a daily outdoor recess and enriched playtime. We also offer nature walks which include a one-on-one walk with our trained animal attendants. The walk will go for up to 20 minutes around our dam and resort and costs $22 per walk.

    We also often rotate which yard dogs will go in, to offer different scenery and stimulation for longer stays.
    *This is weather dependent.

    How old does my puppy have to be?

    Your puppy cannot be younger than 4 months old and they must have all their vaccines for at least two weeks before boarding or doggy daycare.

    Does my dog get a rest at Daycare?

    We do not allocate time to rest specifically at Doggy Daycare although, we do provide beds and dogs will often self-regulate and nap during the day in between playing.
    If a dog is overexerting themselves and we believe they need some time, we will make sure they have sufficient time out to replenish.

    Do you mix small breeds with big breeds?

    We socialize dogs depending on three important factors.
    1. Temperament 
    2. Age 
    3. Size
    For example, we would put a bouncy border collie with other border collies and breeds that are similar sized and natured.
    The only time we mix sizes is when the dogs are from the same family, and we are specifically requested/informed they are able to blend.
    If your dog is unable to be blended, is anxious, aggressive or even just a bit older and less energetic, please advise the staff handling your bookings and upon drop off.

    Do you feed dogs during daycare?

    We do not typically feed daycare dogs are they are usually home in the morning for breakfast or home in time for dinner.
    However, if you have a puppy that requires a meal three times a day, you are welcome to bring their lunch.
    If there’s any other circumstances, please discuss with our admin.


    Will my cat be by itself?

    Yes! Cats are typically by themselves in their comfy pens, and we do not socialize your cat with any others.
    The only time a cat will share a pen is with their family members and under explicit request.
    We do offer a 10% discount for two cats sharing a pen.

    Health & Safety

    What Are Your Rules On Pet Vaccinations?

    For our dog guests, we require an up-to-date C5 pet vaccination and for our feline guests we require a minimum of an F3 pet vaccination. We need to view these vaccination certificates when they are admitted for their first stay and whenever they have been re-vaccinated, prior to subsequent admissions.

    What is the risk of Canine 'Kennel' Cough?

    If you head to our page under ‘pet health’ you will see all the information you need to know about canine cough.
    To make it short, your dog has a risk of obtaining canine cough anywhere that other dogs are also.
    It is an airborne disease and is spread in highly populated areas. We do all that we can to prevent the spread but like COVID 19, we can only do what is within our abilities.
    Please read more here.

    Can I Check On My Dog Or Cat When I Am On Holiday?

    You are more than welcome to call us and check on how your pet is settling in and we will be happy to give you a full update on their activities.

    For more information on the Yarra Valley Pet Boarding Resort – call us on 03 5962 5253 or send us an email.

    Can I get a photo and update of my pet?

    We can give pet updates once specifically requested and we are happy to do so!
    The time frame and personalization of a pet update/photo depends on a few factors including the time, staff availability and weather.
    Photos are often taken at animal attendant’s discretion in their free time.
    Overall, we prioritize animal care and our essential jobs come first before any updates.
    Requests made via our social media (FB and Insta) pages may get missed particularly during peak periods, so if you would like a pet update, please email us at

    Do you have a vet on call?

    Yes. We have our local Healesville vet available to visit us 24 hours a day in case of an emergency. Any other none serious issues we will take your pet in our resort van.

    My dog has recently had surgery or an illness and needs a vet visit while we are away, can you assist with this?

    Yes. We are able to arrange follow up visits but can only arrange this with our local vet in Healesville, we may be able to arrange visits with other local vets in the area too depending on individual cases. Scheduled vet visits do incur additional fees.

    What Are Your Precautions For The Fire Season?

    Protecting our dog and feline guests is a top priority during the fire season, but since it would be impossible to evacuation up to 100 guests safely, we have taken the following precautions:

    • The entire area around the pet boarding kennels is kept mown short at all times.
    • With an on-site bore, the exercise gardens and surrounding areas are green all year and any debris or fallen branches are removed immediately.
    • We have a comprehensive sprinkler system on top of the pet boarding kennels.
    • A diesel generator can provide power within 5 seconds of a power cut.
    • We have back up petrol pumps fitted to our main supply of water.
    • We have regular checks conducted by a CFA member.
    • We receive instant updates during the fire season.
    • Smoke alarms are hardwired in all buildings.


    Do you have a minimum stay requirement?

    Most of the year we do not have a minimum stay requirement. We have a 5-day min charge over Easter Weekend and a 7-day minimum charge over the Christmas and January School holidays (25th Dec – 15th Jan).

    Can I Make A Tentative Booking?

    Unfortunately, we do not hold dates or make any preemptive bookings. Before making a booking, it is advised that you are settled on dates, and you are committed to your stay.

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