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    Snake Safety

    As a thoughtful local or an adventuring visitor to the lovely Yarra Valley, it is important to be aware of what surprises you might see slithering around the bush. Knowing which snakes are in the area can help with identifying which anti-venom is required for your pet if the undesirable outcome of getting bitten occurs.

    Some snakes local to the Yarra Valley include the tiger snake, eastern brown snake and the red bellied black snake. Of course, there are more snakes that share a home with us and we recommend doing individual research before entering bushland with your pet.

    Here are some key factors for snake awareness and safety.

    While on walks amongst the mountains, keep your dog on a leash!

    It is essential to have them under control by you. Always have your dogs where you can see them and avoid heavy bushland on hot days. Even if your dog is trained off leash, it is best to eliminate as many risks as possible.

    While at home… snake proof your house as much as you can.
You can’t totally fool proof your home against snakes, but you can help prevent any unwanted visitors. Cut the grass short, cover holes in your grass, under your home or in your home, remove any piles of rubbish, debris or wood and make sure all entrances to your home are secure.

    If you need help removing the snake

    Keep the snake enclosed and remove yourself and your family from the possible threat. There are many professional snake catchers who can legally and ethically remove a snake from your property. Please do not attempt to kill or remove the snake by yourself.

    If you do encounter a snake, don’t panic. A snake doesn’t want to attack you, it would rather move away. Unless provoked or scared, a snake will not bite. We are much bigger and scarier to them than they should be to us. If a snake hisses and begins to show off, it’s an obvious warning sign to leave them alone.

    If your dog gets bitten by a snake… call the vet immediately. While your dog might not show any pain, some symptoms won’t show for 24 hours. A snake’s fangs are tiny, and the actual punctures are often not visible, but the aftermath can be quite damaging if left untreated. Remain calm while transporting your dog to the vet too, prevent physical activity as much as you can to prevent the blood pumping venom around your dog’s body.

    Symptoms of snake bites in dogs

    • Collapsing suddenly
    • Wobbly or trembling legs/muscles
    • Vomiting and diarrhea
    • Blood in their urine
    • Lots of dribbling/ saliva
    • Paralysis
    • Dilated pupils or struggling to blink
    • Loss of bladder and bowel control

    What we do here at Yarra Valley Pet Resort to ensure superior snake safety

    Many animal attendants have been here for many years and have worked many summers. A senior, experienced staff member will always be present on the premise. There are multiple methods of communication between staff if a snake is spotted. There is a large amount of signage in areas snakes may frequent with air horns and all our staff carrying whistles to alert staff in immediate areas of danger. Our lawns, walking tracks, exercise yards and surrounds are well kept by our trusty teams of gardeners and maintenance. Enclosed pens and indoor pens for sleeping also prevent unwanted companions and where needed we have a multiple snake catchers’ number on hand.

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